If you can learn to love peace As much as you love war, And war As much as you love peace, Then you will never be alone, Never cast out, Forever at home.

The Hungarian Breeze

Today I am an official resident of Hungary. Five years ago I fell in love with a feeling. It greeted me as a breeze, as I and a couple dozen friends rolled through the trees, lit by dark yellow street lamps, on a bus. Then we dropped our bags at the old Radio Inn on Read More …

Ignored and Passed On

I’m truly sorry man’s dominion has stumbled into an oblivion Of ruinous ripples Created by a few white pebbles among plain cracked stones. Fault goes to man with blind faith that each stumble… Leads to a Heaven forgotten of the Hell that it created. Ignored and passed on.

Symbols #1: Accuracy for Distance

“They help sometimes, when your world starts feeling unreasonably small. I suppose there are a few reasons, really, but that’s one of them, a big one. Things start feeling small so you take a look here, at these, and, well, maybe you remember.” “Remember what?” “That it’s a…a normal reaction, I suppose. A normal reaction Read More …


Soft velvet thinned paper betwix fingers of youth. Constant buzzing of a bee muttering while dancing on a rosy dance floor: Why? As rocks erode and the breeze rocks the Earth to Sleep Candles are lighted but Snuffed and the mutterings of bees Remain Unanswered Waiting for an Epiphany.

Pocket Orange, Be Praised

It’s February 19th, the dried remnant husk of an orange lies in the pocket of my wool overcoat sitting balled up to fit in the gap between two carry-on bags in the compartment above my seat. On two occasions during this Chicago bound flight the stewardess has woken me up from a nap to offer Read More …

The Abyss

Staring back at the Dark Abyss No more than A glance. Before, the golden sunset of yesterday was adhered to with rays alive but today, looking into that Abyss dismal,dismaying… and back at those golden rays warm and glowing… I chose to walk towards the light before swallowed by black.

Vita Illuminativa

“The key of vita illuminativa is here in our hands, to say it better, it is here in our casks and bottles. From the wine we learn what intoxication is, what higher sobriety is, what illuminated life is.” — Béla Hamvas, The Philosophy Of Wine Intoxication, or any change in cognition, is best viewed as Read More …

The Lowest Focus

The swell of the hangover headache crests and wakes Int up from sleep. He’s been in this state with increased frequency since the move to Budapest. It’s a comfortable discomfort by this point, terrain he knows well and prays to for its ability to quiet the voices in his head, as it necessitates the rallying Read More …