Laying down the hunt

Tonight I sat and watched a mountain. Light from yellow, to soft blue, to midnight. I was waiting for the mountain to speak, and I heard voices, but the voices were not the mountain’s. The mountain emits. The voices were mine.

I’ve been letting so many words into my brain these days that I feel helpless at the cacophony’s feet. The din has let me down. The more I seek, scroll, page, stare, the more the words slip from their illusory tenacity and leave me confused, as if I were seeking confusion. But I am not seeking confusion! I say verily to you universe, I am ready to listen! I am ready for the din to subside, for concepts like ambition and effort and mindfulness and surrender and acceptance and being sink slowly back into the ground which I have diligently tilled. From the ground I let them germinate to expand on their own terms. There is a greater existence to be aware of.

Tonight after the mountain there are no more words nor answers. Empty platitudes arise from empty hallways. Time to take the door outside.

Ryan Lane

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